16 Dec Another excellency award for Domotechniki S.A.

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DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. was awarded the “Excellence Award for medium-sized business” in the ceremony of the “GREEK VALUE of Northern Greece 2015” awards, which was held by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING). The evaluation committee comprises of representatives of the academic and business communities. “I dedicate this new distinction to our employees, executives and partners, who are working hard and “Excellent” for the past fifty-four years! After the certification by the European Foundation of Business Excellence EFQM, this award by FING confirms our commitment to a high quality, social and environmentally responsible development.” stated Mr. Haris Alexopoulos, CEO of DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. upon receiving the award from the President of the International University, Mr K.Grammenos (photo).

Enterprises should fulfill the following criteria in order to receive the award:

  • Have a proven contribution to the employment rate (either by increasing or maintaining their workforce)
  • Their products are innovative (at the stage of production and distribution to the final consumer)
  • Their production methods are environmentally friendly
  • They contribute to the promotion of their field of operation
  • Have developed extroversion
  • Have developed Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Their reputation in the area of ​​operation is positive.



  • Has increased its workforce during 2015 by 19% compared to 2014!
  • Has developed innovative thermal insulation materials for the energy upgrading of existing and new buildings.
  • Is certified according to the International Quality Management standard ISO9001  and Occupational Health and Safety standard OHSAS.
  • Is certified according to the International Environmental Management standard ISO14001. Domotechniki S.A. developes buildings of bioclimatic design as the Green45 complex, which is currently under construction in the heart of Thessaloniki, and applies a total recycling process in its premises and projects.
  • Promotes Thessaloniki with its projects and investments (OTE Tower, entrances of TIF, New Town Hall of Thessaloniki, Treasury of the Bank of Greece, modernization of the airport “Macedonia”, university faculties, etc)
  • Is active worldwide with offices and subsidiaries in Sarajevo, Skopje and Pristina.
  • Supports through sponsorships local organizations and social, cultural and sport organizations and initiatives such as “Storgi”, the nursery “St Stylianos”, the orphanage “Papafio”, the Centre of Daily Care for the disabled of the Association of Parents and Friends of Autistic Persons in Northern Greece, the SOS Villages for children in Filiro and Plagiari, the Smile of the Child, the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs in Northern Greece, the Social Solidarity Network of FING, the cultural and charity organization “Thermaides”, the pediatric clinic of the Hospital “AHEPA”, various sports clubs in Thessaloniki and of course the scholarships to young graduate students of the city of Karditsa given by the institytion of Apostolos Ch. Alexopoulos.
  • Its development has been recognized by ICAP by including DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. among the «Strongest Companies in Greece» in 2010 and between «Business Leaders in Greece» from 2011 and onwards. Turnover was increased by 64% in 2014 compared to 2013.


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