Design and construction of AGNO dairy plant in Langadas Thessaloniki – New office buildings and landscaping

The project aimed to the relocation, modernization and improvement to the production facilities of the dairy plant of CUCT AGNO. The plant houses all the usual industrial installations for the production and distribution services (power substation, generator set, boiler room, ammonia refrigeration unit, water treatment, pump stations, air-conditioning, fire protection and detection systems, lightning protection, telephone centre, central clock and personnel check-in system), as well as some of the most advanced energy recovery and environmental protection facilities.

A prototype, completely automated production line of traditional Greek yogurt was installed and some modifications were conducted in the milk processing lines of the new dairy plant. This plant has a treatment capability of up to 400000 liters of milk. Its production includes: fresh pasteurized milk, fresh pasteurized cocoa milk, long-life (UHT) milk, pasteurized cream, butter, traditional, set, stirred and strained yoghurt, sour milk, all types of ice-cream, feta and teleme cheese, yellow cheese, melted cheese, skimmed milk cheese as well as fresh and UHT fruit juices.

Moreover, a gatehouse was constructed next to the plant’s entrance along with large green areas with grass and bushy plants. The landscaping works included the internal road network and the junction that connects the industrial plant with the county road in Langadas Thessaloniki.