Restoration and renovation of preserved traditional building with superposition of 5-storeys at Pavlou Mela str. in Thessaloniki

The building situated at 26, Pavlou Mela str, owned by DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. since 1992, was built in 1925-1926 as a residential building. In 1983 the façade was characterized traditional to be preserved, with the possibility to exhaust the building factor. According to the 1994 and 2005 building permits, the superposition of 5 floors at the contemporary part of the building was constructed with successional recessions and unforced transition from the solid volume of the existing building to the additional glass part. Internally the original height of the existing floors was kept and the basic line of the façade, with relocation of the staircase, as well as addition of a lift. With these internal changes, two or three apartments per floor were created, without compromising the external façade, the architectural style and the building’s frame. The basic materials that were used for the above changes were: wooden paneled doors, glass and marble mosaics for wall coating, marble and wooden floors, plaster frames on roofs, solid iron railings made with traditional technique.

Today the building houses studios, offices and in the ground floor a restaurant is cited.

The reinforcement of the load bearing structure and the foundations of the original three-storey building was made of reinforced concrete in columns and beams, extensive application of shotcrete throughout the existing structure and special reinforcement of the building’s foundations. The preserved building facade was supported with a metal structure and after the completion of the renovation was restored and returned to its original form.