Management and operation of the underground car parking station of Thessaloniki’s City Hall

The new City Hall of Thessaloniki is located at the junction of 3rd September and King George streets and is supported by an underground car park with capacity of 1000 spaces. The completion, operation, maintenance and management of the project was undertaken by DOMOTECHNIKI S.A.

The parking station operates on three underground floors and disposes more than 850 parking spaces to the citizens and visitors of Thessaloniki, while 17 of these are intended for disabled people, placed as close as possible to the staircases. The rest of the parking spaces are granted to the City Hall’s departments and municipal employees. The parking station is operated by a self-service system, which allows drivers to park their vehicles by themselves without the use of mechanical means or the assistance of employees. With implementation of the traffic study, the entrances/exits of the parking station are located at 3rd September and Tritou Somatos Stratou streets, with one lane on each direction. Special studies were conducted for the location and the geometrical data of the ramps towards the city, for the calculation of peak load input-output, for the waiting areas, as well as for the active fire protection and all electromechanical operating and security facilities.


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