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Η ΔΟΜΟΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ Α.Ε. αποτελεί σήμερα τη μεγαλύτερη μη εισηγμένη τεχνική εταιρεία στην περιοχή της Βόρειας Ελλάδας, με πτυχίο 6ης τάξης και δραστηριοποιείται κύρια στην κατασκευή έργων οικοδομικών και οικιστικής ανάπτυξης, ξενοδοχειακών μονάδων, βιομηχανικών μονάδων, τραπεζών και κτιρίων γραφείων, αποθηκών, υπεραγορών τροφίμων, αναπαλαίωσης και αποκατάστασης κτιρίων, αθλητικών εγκαταστάσεων, έργων υποδομής, γεφυροποιίας και οδοποιίας, αεροδρομίων και λιμενικών, όπως επίσης έργων ηλεκτρομηχανολογικών, ενεργειακών και πρατηρίων καυσίμων.
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Fifty four (54) years consist the continuously ascending route of the Company, which evolved from a personal enterprise on 1961 (APOSTOLOS CH. ALEXOPOULOS, Civil Engineer, Designs-Constructions) to “KL. D. SFETSIOS – AP. CH. ALEXOPOULOS O.E.” on 1963, to “DOMOTECHNIKI LTD.” on 1972 and finally to its current form with the establishment of “DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. -Technical, Commercial, Industrial and Touristic Enterprises” on 1978.

Today, DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. is the biggest Construction Company of Northern Greece, with the 6th grade Certificate of the Greek State for public works, whereas its main activities are urban and suburban development, hotel units and complexes, industrial units, banks and office buildings, logistic centers, supermarkets, sports centers, renovation and restoration, infrastructure projects, bridges and road networks, airports and harbor installations, electro-mechanical and energy projects, fuel stations as well as construction and project management.


The route of the company is highlighted with many of the landmark projects in the city of Thessaloniki such as:

  • The Telecommunications Tower in International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, a symbol of the modern city (1970)
  • The gates, the surrounding buildings and premises of the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki (1980 – 1998)
  • The Garden Theatre (1997)
  • The Administration Building of PIRAEUS BANK, former “Macedonia-Thrace Bank” (1995)
  • The Indoor Solar Sports Centre in Evosmos (1990)
  • The residential mansion of Thessaloniki’s Bishop
  • The Renovation and Modernization of MAKEDONIA Airport (1997)
  • The Bissell Library of Anatolia American College ACT (2001)
  • The Distribution and Cash Processing Center – Treasury Building of the BANK of GREECE (2007)
  • The new City Hall (2010)
  • The renovation and expansion of the Western Ring Road (2014)


For more than half a century, the activities of DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. cover the whole greek territory, including the following representative major projects:

  • Numerous Silos for cement, cereals and sugar in Northern and Central Greece
  • Military Camps and NATO facilities in Assiros and Volos, Northern and Central Greece
  • Complete Infrastructure and building blocks of the Housing Complex – new expansion of Komotini town (700.000 m2) in Eastern Greece
  • Infrastructure of Housing Complex of Lanari settlement (350.000 m2) in Northern Greece
  • Construction of Spinning Mills and Warehouses in Komotini, Eastern Greece
  • Construction of Cotton Mills and Storehouses in Central Greece
  • River Bridges in Porto-Lagos and Axios River in Nortern Greece
  • Interchange on the National Road Thessaloniki-Athens towards FYRoM
  • New Administration Buildings and Bank Branches all over the country for the National Bank of Greece (NBG), Piraeus Bank, Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATE Bank), General Bank and the Bank of Greece
  • Indoor Sports Hall in Xanthi for 5.000 spectators
  • Logistic Centres (including warehouses and offices buildings) together with numerous Supermarkets all over Greece for different clients, such as the German firms LIDL and PLUS
  • Luxurious hotels in Porto Heli, Kranidi, Kos island, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Volos and Karditsa


In particular, the execution of specific works inside industrial areas and the turn-key construction of industrial units consist a Company’s important sector, whereas the investment in material infrastructure and specialized personnel has led to the award of major projects to the Company, with the most prevailing being the following:

  • Dairy factories of AGNO in Thessaloniki and OLYMPOS in Larisa
  • Confectionary factories of TERKENLIS in Thessaloniki and JANNIS in Kilkis
  • Cement factories of TITAN and AGET (LAFARGE)
  • Warehouses and Administration Offices (with total surface of more than 150.000m2) for several Clients in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki
  • Installations of HELLENIC PETROLEUM (ELPE)
  • Construction of office premises and fuel stations for BP, MOBIL, SHELL and TEXACO all over Greece
  • Construction of hospitals for EUROMEDICA in Thessaloniki and AGIA SOFIA Childrens Hospital in Athens
  • Construction of the Natural Gas (EPA) network and connections in Thessaloniki
  • Construction of new electricity network for the Public Power Corporation (PPC)  in Northern Greece
  • Renovation of stores and branches for the Public Power Corporation (PPC) all over Greece


The effective organization structure and fruitful operation of Domotechniki S.A. is certified with the quality system ISO 9001:2008 for design, construction, installation, project and construction management of building, hydraulic, harbor, electromechanical, industrial, power and road construction works. The above certification guarantees not only the implementation of qualitative system management but also the consistency in constructing projects of paramount quality. Moreover, Domotechniki S.A. acquires the following certifications: EN ISO 14001 for environmental management and ELOT 1801 (OHSAS 18001) for health and safety management at work.


DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. is also certified with the first star of the European Standard EFQM “Committed to Excellence” after the successful evaluation of its new processes for measuring employee satisfaction, evaluation and development of human resources and improvement of the selection and ongoing evaluation of its partners through market surveys and other monitoring tools. This success ranks DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. among the distinguished Companies and Organizations worldwide that achieved the 1st Level of Business Excellence.