Storehouses, industrial plant and offices

The project concerned the construction of storage and steel products processing unit by Corus Kalpinis Simos S.A. (TATA ELASTRON), located in the Industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki.  The construction consists of the steel storage and processing area, the offices and the landscaping of the surrounding area.

The total surface of the plot is 32ha, with a built area of 18600m2. In particular DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. constructed an office building made of composite steel structure, a steel structured building with dimensions of 196.05×27.00m and a total height of 14,00m, two other rectangular buildings, with dimensions of 176.15×27.00m and 141.15×27.00m respectively, steel processing areas and auxiliary areas with locker rooms, a guardroom and fire-fighting pump-room.

The load bearing structure of the buildings is made of steel elements. The bearing structures are frames with long spans. The building’s bridge cranes are special constructions with an erecting ability of 32tn. At the storage and processing areas industrial reinforced flooring was constructed.