Cash Processing and Distribution Centre in Pylaia Thessaloniki

The new Cash Processing and Distribution Centre of the Bank of Greece is located in the junction of Thessaloniki-Thermi road and I. Kranidioti str. The total built area of approximately 6500m2 is divided into three separate buildings which are connected through a corridor. The complex is surrounded by high security fencing and further internal fencing, a guardhouse at the entrance, internal parking spaces and landscaped exterior and interior surroundings. Special care was taken of the selection and application of materials, both in order to ensure maximum safety in the structural elements of the reserves and vaults and to achieve aesthetic perfection and timelessness in the finishes and textures of the buildings.

The main building consists of three buildings (A, B and C) which are developed parallel with the small side of the plot. The buildings are connected to each other through an inner circulation corridor. Another unifying element of the buildings is the enormous metallic super-structure, weighing 407tons and cladded with titanium-zinc sheets, which highlights the building’s imposing form.

The external surrounding area is the place where the parking spaces for employees and visitors are located. It consists of two separate parts and is planted with tall trees. In the internal surrounding area there is a peripheral safety road between the two fences of the plot, which enables only one vehicle to get outside of the plot.