The strict observance of valid legislation and contractual obligations (especially where it concerns products, environment and health and safety), the erection of constructions that are safe and suitable for their use, as well as the attempt for continuous improvement of all its operations (including the performance in environmental management and management of health and safety at work), constitute the main axes of DOMOTECHNIKI SA philosophy.

Towards the assurance of the above, a documented Management System according to International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ELOT 1801 and OHSAS 18001 is implemented. In a yearly basis objective aims and goals are set and reviewed in order to reassure the continuous performance’s improvement towards to the environment, the health and safety at work and the Company’s products and services quality.

The Company Administration is committed to provide, as the case may be, the necessary recourses for the unimpeded implementation of the Management System and to proceed in any activity only if this activity advances quality, the environment’s protection and the prevention of labor accidents and occupational diseases.

The whole personnel acknowledge the criticality of and the necessity for the implementation of the Management System and try all efforts for its continuous improvement. The current Policy is periodically reviewed, in order to ensure the continuous sufficiency and appropriateness.

DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. is also certified with the first star of the European Standard EFQM “Committed to Excellence” after the successful evaluation of its new processes for measuring employee satisfaction, evaluation and development of human resources and improvement of the selection and ongoing evaluation of its partners through market surveys and other monitoring tools. This success ranks DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. among the distinguished Companies and Organizations worldwide that achieved the 1st Level of Business Excellence.

EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) is a non-profit organization that connects, for more than 20 years, excellent enterprises and organizations with international orientation, regardless of their size and sector. EFQM’s mission is to promote, disseminate and share the Best Business Practices and modern management principles with its more than 700 members through pioneering activities and the involvement of senior executives from around the world. EFQM is the creator of the Model of Business Excellence EFQM (EFQM Excellence Model) and the Award for Business Excellence (EFQM Excellence Award). The National Partner Organization of EFQM for Greece and Cyprus is HMA.