Company Social Responsibility


With more than 50 years in operation, Domotechniki S.A. and its associate companies have a recognized reputation for doing business with integrity and responsibility. Our continuing goal and commitment is to ethically contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as local community and society at large. At Domotechniki S.A. we pledge to adopt business practices which promote environmental sustainability and we invest in education, research and social solidarity.


Institution for the management of Alexopoulos Scholarships

The President of DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. Group Mr. Apostolos Ch. Alexopoulos, renowned citizen of Thessaloniki and acclaimed honorary citizen of his hometown Karditsa, in addition to the provision of charities to institutions for the protection of children, elderly and handicapped people, demonstrates significant social work with fully financing the activities of the “Institution for the management of Alexopoulos Scholarships”. The Institution, which operates for more than twenty years under the auspices of the Municipality of Karditsa, financially supports weak young scientists and students of Karditsa to finish their graduate and post-graduate studies.


Reconstruction of Pediatric Cardiology Department of the AHEPA 2nd Pediatric Department

On Friday 22nd 2011, the opening ceremony of the only independent Pediatric Cardiology Department in Northern Greece took place at AHEPA hospital, officiated by His Holiness the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Anthimos. The works of the “Reconstruction of Pediatric Cardiology Department of the AHEPA 2nd Pediatric Department ,” carried out by DOMOTECHNIKI S.A., include new fully equipped ward cabins with the most up-to-date hospital and hotel equipment and material (defibrillator, ECG, etc.), new hygiene rooms and activity areas for children. Until recently, children, teenagers, even infants with congenital and acquired heart disease, had to go several times a year to Athens for examination and required minor surgery. Now they can be examined and hospitalized in Thessaloniki, thanks to this project, a donation of the nongovernmental organization “Thermaides”, with Domotechniki S.A.  undertaking significant part of the sponsorship. This project, along with many others, proves the will of Domotechniki S.A.’s people (management and staff) to help and contribute in such visions. For Domotechniki S.A. it is an honor and not simply a duty to give back to the society a part of the goodwill acquired by the company.


Financial aid for studies abroad

Apart from the support and aid of the “Institution for the management of Alexopoulos Scholarships” to young prospective students of Karditsa, Domotechniki S.A. also supported another young man in his studies. After the proposal of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Domotechniki S.A. provided a one-year financial aid for the studies of a young man from Imbros in Vienna, Austria.


Network for social solidarity and assistance

Domotechniki S.A. is an active member of the “Network for Social Solidarity and Assistance” which is established by the cooperation of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki (TCCI) and other business and industry associations of Thessaloniki.  The main goal and vision of the Network is to urge the business community towards taking social responsibility actions and especially dealing with the problems posed by the deep economic crisis. This objective is implemented by offering support to individuals, groups, charities and organizations in need of material goods and services. Domotechniki S.A. participates by donating useful equipment in various organizations and institutions and especially those supporting children.


Domotechniki d.o.o. makes a donation to “SUNCE” Association, Sarajevo

“SUNCE” (“The Sun”) is an Association which helps and supports kids, young people and adults with special needs. “SUNCE” takes action in Pale, in the area of Istocno, Sarajevo. Its charitable work focuses on providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in sports, recreation and educational programs. DOMOTECHNIKI d.o.o. supports the work of the Association by donating ski jackets for some of the kids who will participate in the next year’s Skiing Competition for kids with special needs in Jahorina.

The members of the Association expressed their gratitude for the company’s donation by organizing a party with some of the kids and a representative of our company and by honoring DOMOTECHNIKI d.o.o. with a “Certificate for humanity, generosity and love towards kids with special needs”.