Flood protection works at Megas River in Karditsa, Pumping Station A4

DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. completed the construction of the pumping station A4 included in the flood protection works at Megas River. The pumping station is located in the position where the right embankment of the Pinios River meets the left of the river Megas. Its purpose is the elevation of Megas embankment water level in cases of high water level in Pinios River.

The capacity of the pumping station was set at 20m3/sec and an additional reserve of 6.5m3/sec. The critical level for the closing of gates and therefore the operation of the pumping station is +88.20m. The outflow of water to Pinios River is achieved through three drain pipes with diameters of 3 x 3 meters and a total length of 55m. The pipes’ entrances are controlled by three gates equipped with electric lifting systems and a water level sensor at the recipient.

The pumping station consists of two floors. The basement is the chamber where the suction pumps are placed. The ground floor houses the motors of the basement’s pumps, a crane-bridge that can lift up to 8tons, high and low voltage panels, personnel offices, toilets and a storage room. At a distance of 5 meters from the pumping station building, a depression chamber is constructed with a surface of approximately 120m2. All the depression ducts leading to this chamber are fitted with non-return valves.

All the necessary earthwork operations were executed in order to prevent subsidence, along with structural improvements and all the necessary constructions and installations of the electromechanical equipment of the pumping station. The surrounding area is landscaped and covered with gravel paving. Moreover, two ramps were constructed to connect the pumping station with the right embankment – road. The pumping station was fenced for security reasons.