Green45. Eight-floor bioclimatic twin building with underground car park at Vas. Irakliou Str. in Thessaloniki

The aim of this project is to create an eight-storey twin Building of stores and residences with an underground parking, property of DOMOTECHNIKI S.A., on Vassileos Irakliou 45 str. in Thessaloniki. Key objectives of the designers was to optimize living conditions of the building’s users through an innovative resolution that exploits to the fullest extent the features of the plot and building regulations in order to create a complex with high quality standards and environmental sensitivity.

The complex is designed according to contemporary principles of ecological-bioclimatic architecture and expresses a new approach of building design in city centers. The design emphasizes particularly on the study and use of the climatic conditions of the surrounding area and the orientation of the plot, the use of solar energy and optimization of the microclimate. It will focus on energy saving techniques and the use of non-harmful and renewable materials.

The total surface of the building is 4865m2 with 160m2 covered terraces and semi-outdoor spaces. It consists essentially of two almost identical buildings with ground floor, seven floors and basement which are connected together at the level of the basement, ground floor and first floor. The ground floor houses stores while the seven upper floors accommodate thirty unique apartments, developed by two or three on each floor of the twin buildings. The apartments have an area of 40m2 up to 260m2 and cover one or two levels. The apartments of the upper floors have access to the green roofs (roof gardens), with private pools and gardens. In the basement of the building a parking is created with 30 parking spots, accessible from Vas. Irakliou Str, with a lift for cars, the necessary water tank and pumping station.

The building is divided into two volumes with large glass surfaces in order to enhance the natural lighting and ventilation of all the interior spaces. Moreover, splitting the building volume ensures a different understanding of the relationship between private and public areas. The strong presence of plants at terraces, the facades and roofs of the building create great conditions of thermal and visual comfort and help in the reduction of emissions, increase humidity and natural ventilation. This green scenery is achieved by metal frames surrounding the two volumes, which hold suspended pots with climbing plants and trees.

The construction will be made of environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable, require little energy for their production and are long lasting. The choice of materials and the light coloring of the surfaces will further improve the insolation and lighting of interiors at the lower floors through reflection.

To ensure natural cooling inside the buildings, the design provided external shading of the glass surfaces from the direct insolation with movable wooden panels supported on metal frames, thermal insulation of the building envelope, the installation of ceiling fans in homes and shops and natural ventilation. The existence of sufficient mass in the materials will help in diminishing the range of temperature differences between day and night.

By improving therefore the energy performance of the buildings not only significant energy savings will be achieved but also the optimal quality of the indoor environment and the health of users.