Arched metallic pedestrian bridge at the I/C Meandrou at the Internal West Ring Road of Thessaloniki

DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. constructed a pedestrian bridge with a main opening which ensures the passage of pedestrians over the Internal West Ring Road of Thessaloniki (Km.St. 3 + 157).  The access of pedestrians at each end is ensured through a staircase and a lift. The bearing structure of the bridge is made of metal and consists of two twin arched profiles with an opening of 40.85m from pier to pier. The bridge’s total length, including the extensions on each side, reaches up to 49.85m. Both the arcs with the parabolic shape and the deck of the bridge, which consists of two main longitudinal steel beams, are formed of composite rectangular hollow profiles consisting of metal sheets. The main longitudinal beams are suspended from the arches with suspension cables (full locked coil strands). The width of the deck is 6.36m and is formed with transverse crossbars with an H profile and horizontal joints. The upper deck is a composite structure which consists of trapezoidal metal sheets 1mm thick, SYMDECK 73 type, and a 4.30m-wide concrete slab.

The support of the bridge and the transfer of the vertical loads in the piers are ensured by two sphere-shaped bearings on one of them and two sphere-shaped bearings with a guided sliding function on the other.

The bearing structure of the pedestrian bridge is constructed from S355 steel and the total weight, including stairways and side platforms, exceeds 100TN.

For the protection against corrosion, all the metal components are sandblasted (Sa21 / 2 according to the Swedish Standards) and painted with two layers of epoxy paint and a final polyurethane based sealing layer.

The bridge is built according to the European Standard EN 1090-2, category EXC3.