Modernization and refurbishment of the branch in Thessaloniki. Construction of a new branch in Alexandroupoli

A radical refurbishment and modernization of the branch in Thessaloniki was conducted along with repair works on the bearing structure due to the damages caused by the earthquake in 1978. Slabs and vertical elements were repaired with the application of epoxy binder injections. A new layout and refurbishment of all toilet facilities was conducted, including plumbing and drainage systems. All electrical installations and the air-conditioning system in all main areas of the basement were modernized. New ventilation and CCTV systems were installed at the basement. Works also included the construction of a new fire-extinguishing 4-zone network with fire detectors and sprinklers in the whole building. It is worth mentioning that the building is listed as an important neoclassical preserved one. All works were carried out with the branch in full operation and always with respect to the monumental character of the building.

The construction project of the branch in Alexandroupoli included repair works, earthquake reinforcement and improvement of structural elements with the application of epoxy binder injections, wherever necessary. Non-structural elements such as partition walls were also repaired. Moreover, the completion of the building and the landscaping was carried out according to the Bank’s technical department’s architectural and electromechanical studies. The building was equipped with integrated high-technology electromechanical and security systems (bullet-proof, anti-robbery cashiers and desks, high-security electromechanically controlled entrance, CCTV etc).


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