Widening of Langada str. in Thessaloniki

DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. undertook the widening and traffic improvement of Langada str., for the section between the former military camp of Pavlou Mela and the interchange with the internal ring road of Thessaloniki. Langada str. belongs to the main road network of Thessaloniki and passes through the municipal districts of Stavroupoli and Polichni, Municipality of Pavlou Mela. This section has a length of 2.1km and the existing mean deck width was widened from 20m to 35-40m, in order to ensure construction of the side streets. Connections of the road were constructed with interchanges, which ensure the operation of the avenue as a main urban artery and enhance the road network of the local municipalities via the adjacent streets. Langada str. is now a two-way road, with a width of 10.50m for each direction and three lanes per direction and a 5m-wide safety islet. The avenue is separated from each side street with 1.25m-wide safety islets.