28 Sep DOMOTECHNIKI in Voltaro for electric transportation

Particularly impressive was the participation of DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. and the network FORTIZO in the interactive event “Voltaro”, organized by the Region of Central Macedonia, as part of the events of the European Mobility Week, which took place on Sunday, September 24th, 2017, at Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki. The main theme of the event was electric transportation and its aim was to raise awareness of issues related to sustainable urban mobility and to inform the public about the possibilities offered by electric transportation means, which are increasingly preferred by European citizens and organizations.

The Region of Central Macedonia aims to replace, in the upcoming years, the conventional vehicles it uses with electric ones and is convinced that by shaping a different culture in the field of transportation, with social participation, clean and economically viable energy and alternative means of transport, it is possible to ensure a better quality of life in our cities.

“We have taken a very important initiative to organize this event so that the citizens can familiarize with the means of transport that will be dominant in the future. We want everyone to understand the importance of these vehicles, which are environmentally friendly and also low-cost. In the near future, we intend to supply the Region of Central Macedonia with 50 electric vehicles, which will replace the conventional service vehicles. Furthermore, we undertake a number of other actions, such as the installation of electric charging points, so that users of these vehicles can charge them at a very low cost. The Region of Central Macedonia brings the future today. Our goal is this event, which started this year, to become an annual event, so that “Voltaro” can present modern and innovative means of transportation, eco-friendly and accessible to people of all economic backgrounds”, pointed out the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas .

“The aim of the event is mainly to raise awareness on the very important issue of sustainable urban mobility. The citizens who came to Nea Palaria today, were informed about the benefits of electric mobility. The electric vehicles are “clean means” of transportation and economically and energy sustainable”, noted, among other things, the Deputy Head of Regional Development and Environment, Mr. Constantinos Youtikas.

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