08 Aug Improvement – Upgrading of West Inner Ring Road from I/C Meandrou up to at-grade junction of Inner Ring Road with Symmahiki Road (area I/C K16)


The project of the “Improvement and Upgrading of the Internal West Ring Road of Thessaloniki from I/C Meandrou (St. 3 + 200) to the junction of Inner Ring Road with Symmahiki Road (area of I/C K16)” is completed, with a total budget of 28,425,189.58€. The works included the construction of two new interchanges (I/C Meandrou and I/C September 3rd), the construction and rearrangement of new and existing side input and output streets for the artery, construction of technical overpass and a central islet, replacement of security barriers, construction of the artery’s urban stormwater drainage network and improvement of the road surface along the length of the intervention area. The project included earthworks, paving, asphalting, lighting, signage, security and planting of green areas on both sides of the artery.

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