DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. currently employs more than 600 people while being staffed with scientists who have graduated from the highest institutions and universities, mainly engineers of various disciplines (architects, civil, electrical, mechanical, surveyor, chemical and electronic engineers, as well as engineering geologists). Most of them have supplemented their education with post-graduate studies and have cumulated experience in the construction of major and complicated projects. This parameter enables the Company to specialize in project sectors that demand expertised, highly qualified and experienced personnel.

A very significant factor for maintaining and improving the efficiency of the Company and the undertaking of highly demanding projects, is the formation and enhancement of specialized crews. These consist of experienced technicians under the supervision of specialized foremen and engineers and are equipped with mechanical means of the latest technology. Such crews are oriented to the sectors of steel construction, networks and installations for natural gas and electricity grids, earthquake repair and structural reinforcement, design and implementation of automatization systems, special hydraulic and electrical installations and, of course, all kinds of building and civil engineering trades.

In addition to the specialized knowledge, the experience and skills of the Company’s site personnel, significant advantage for Domotechniki S.A. derives also from its family nature, since the key positions in the administration are conceived by the Company’s founders family members, thus securing the highest degree of commitment and devotion to optimum efficiency, as well as the possibility of direct access to private Clients to the highest management levels and the subsequent fast conclusion of agreements and resolution of any project issues.

Moreover, the efficient operation, output and management of sites is assured by the existence of the Company’s central office support team, which includes lead engineers for every individual group of works, with project, area and technical Managers and Directors and above all the administration (BoD) of the company, comprised of engineers and construction industry professionals.

The effective organization structure and fruitful operation of Domotechniki S.A. is also certified with the quality system ISO 9001:2008 for design, construction, installation, project and construction management of building, hydraulic, harbor, electromechanical, industrial, power and road construction works. The above certification guarantees not only the implementation of qualitative system management but also the consistency in constructing projects of paramount quality. Moreover, Domotechniki S.A. acquires the following certifications: EN ISO 14001 for environmental management and ELOT 1801 (OHSAS 18001) for health and safety management at work.

The above qualities and characteristics of Domotechniki S.A. mother company, her subsidiaries and abroad branches are continuously recognized by Clients, who require high construction quality, reliability in technical solutions and on-time delivery. For the above reasons, Domotechniki S.A. is aiming to the continuity of its long cooperations and undertaking of projects from its permanent Clients as well as to the widening of its domestic and international Clientele.