Unit for handling chemicals and civil works – Floating loading island – Extension of S.F.B.T. – New central gate and fencing

For the construction of the Desulfurization Unit the following works took place: excavations and backfilling, foundations for the building and the machinery, floor construction, steel frame erection for piping support (pipe-rack), fire extinguishing network, sewerage for oily substances and grounding network. A new building was constructed for the distribution of chemicals as well as a rest area for the truck drivers, while the air compressors’ building was reconstructed. All the necessary electromechanical works were carried out.

At a distance of 1,600m from Wharf 14 of Thessaloniki Port, the existing building with an area of 65m², situated on the floating loading island of Hellenic Petroleum S.A., was reconstructed. Marine means of material transport and a marine crane were used for the completion of the reconstruction works. A special air-conditioning system, resistant to seawater erosion, was also designed and constructed.

The central gate of the building complex was constructed of reinforced concrete and steel frames for the roof covering. The wall cladding was constructed with the necessary insulation and electromechanical equipment, including CCTV, fire protection systems, drive-in access control and audio speaker system. The surroundings were reformed with the installation of new fencing and paving tiles.