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Η ΔΟΜΟΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ Α.Ε. αποτελεί σήμερα τη μεγαλύτερη μη εισηγμένη τεχνική εταιρεία στην περιοχή της Βόρειας Ελλάδας, με πτυχίο 6ης τάξης και δραστηριοποιείται κύρια στην κατασκευή έργων οικοδομικών και οικιστικής ανάπτυξης, ξενοδοχειακών μονάδων, βιομηχανικών μονάδων, τραπεζών και κτιρίων γραφείων, αποθηκών, υπεραγορών τροφίμων, αναπαλαίωσης και αποκατάστασης κτιρίων, αθλητικών εγκαταστάσεων, έργων υποδομής, γεφυροποιίας και οδοποιίας, αεροδρομίων και λιμενικών, όπως επίσης έργων ηλεκτρομηχανολογικών, ενεργειακών και πρατηρίων καυσίμων.
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  • Construction of trench for underground pipe network 6 ” (section 1.00 x 1.50 m) – Titan S.A.
  • Construction of weighbridge at the Cement Distribution Center – AGET IRAKLIS
  • Erection of commercial building with offices (DESIGN) – GNIGOS KYRIAKOS LTD
  • Filling of area for TK-5952 – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Reinforcement of foundation E-128 – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Construction of heavy duty ditch in Unit 100/300/400 – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Construction of Gate and Upgrading of Fencing – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Formation works west of ULSADO unit for the foundation of crane – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Thessaloniki Refinery Upgrading Project – Civil Works CCR – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Construction of new building for the process of chemicals and waiting building – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Partial demolition of Old Control Room – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Construction of Underground Fire-fighting line inside CCR unit – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Housing Unit on the Loading Island – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Civil Works for Additives Unit at Kalohori Premises (ΗΡΤ 13643) – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Extension of Fire Vehicles Shelter in the Industrial Premises of Thessaloniki (ΗΡΤ-13641) – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Reconstruction of railway line, encasement of rail lines and sewerage of oils og the South Ramp – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Extension of office building – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Oil separator, Earthworks and Soil improvement works in Kalohori – HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.
  • Architectural and structural Design and construction of washing premises, for cars, shop and refectionary – ASSOCIATION OF THESSALONIKI PARKING S.A.
  • Washing Premises for Public Use Vehicles – SAHPAZARIDIS NIKOLAOS
  • Construction of Industrial Building for Music Instruments and Furnitures in Thessaloniki – LIOLIOS MUSIC, SOUND & LIGHT S.A.
  • New factory Design and Construction in Thessaloniki – ALLATINI CERAMICS S.A
  • Expansion and Modernization of Industrial Plant – NORTHERN GREECE STEEL WORKS – SIDENOR
  • Planning and Construction of factory in the Industrial area of Volos – LEVENDERIS WIRE S.A.
  • Planning and Construction of factory in Volos – VOLOS COTTON MILLS S.A.
  • Construction of factory in Thessaloniki – VITRUVIT
  • Construction of Silo II for sugar storage (20.000ton) in the industrial plant in Larisa – GREEK SUGAR INDUSTRY
  • Construction of grain silos for 20,000 tonnes in Plati, imathia – KIDEP
  • Construction of grain silos for 20,000 tonnes in Neohori, Orestiada – KIDEP
  • Construction of grain silos for 4,000 tonnes in Karditsa – KATSARIS MILLS