Domotel Arni. Refurbishment – extension of hotel “Arni” in Karditsa

The goal of the project was the radical renovation, repair and maintenance of the “ARNI” hotel which is classified to the category “Traditional Hotel A’ Class” by the Department of Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture. ARNI Hotel is characterized as an “artifact” and all interventions were performed with the approval of the Ministry of Culture.

The respect to tradition and art that were sheltered for so many years in this unique architectural monument, led to the creation of a small luxury hotel, where the prevailing element is the rococo aesthetics that characterize the cultural history of the area.

The renovation of the building commenced at stages from the ground floor, on which the historical theater ARNI was hosted. This area has been initially rendered to a multi-use hall for 300 people equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities, suitable for any event. Today, the hall functions as a stylish café-restaurant. The renovation in the remaining two floors and the mezzanine of the hotel included the whole of the building works, electro-mechanical installations, fire-protection network etc., with emphasis on the refurbishment and upgrading of the rooms’ decoration.

Restoration works included interventions to all structural elements made of reinforced concrete. The hotel, total surface of 2300m2, includes 31 luxurious renovated rooms, a multi-purpose room, a breakfast room, reception, administration offices and other auxiliary rooms for storage and electromechanical installations.