Construction of a new building and extensions of the pipework fabrication and the recycling buildings

The project concerns the construction of two new buildings. The first one, with dimensions 90.00X28.00m., is an extension of the pipework fabrication building and the other one, with dimensions 20.00X16.05m., is an extension of the recycling building at the premises of PALAPLAST S.A. in the industrial area of ​​Sindos in Thessaloniki.

The new buildings will have a steel metal bearing structure with foundation and ground slabs of reinforced concrete. The walls and roofing will be constructed with polyurethane panels and the buildings will have industrial floors. Furthermore, a reinforced concrete tunnel will be constructed to connect the main pipework fabrication building to its extension. All the necessary demolition works on existing structural elements, excavations, and insulation works will be carried out. Upon completion of the works, the surroundings will be restored with infrastructure, rainwater removal and firefighting systems.