Restoration and renovation of preserved traditional building at Krispou str. in Ano Poli Thessaloniki

DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. carried out all the works for the restoration and earthquake protection of the three-storey building in Ano Poli, Thessaloniki. The building, with an area of 681m2, was built during the Turkish domination period in Thessaloniki and is one of the few examples of such buildings in the Balkans, since it belongs to the type of long-facade two-storey building with neoclassical architectural elements. The Organization of the Cultural Capital bought the building from its owners, in order to transform it into one of the municipal cultural buildings in Thessaloniki.

During the restoration process extensive repairs were made on the bearing structure and on all the structural and decorative building elements. More specifically, the works included strengthening of the nodes of the wooden bearing structure with metal elements and mounting of rigid elements on the roof and mantels on masonry and foundations for better structural performance. These resulted in the complete restoration of the building and the enhancement of the original structural and morphological characteristics of this unique sample of Balkan architecture.