DICOM Research Program

The aim of the project “A holistic approach of the Development and application of Innovative Composite cool thermal insulating Materials”(DICOM) was the design, development, production, evaluation, certification and introduction to the market of innovative, composite cool – thermal insulating materials based on the new generation of extruded polystyrene (XPS), with improved vapor permeability (lower water vapor diffusion resistance factor μ), as well as with use of special plasters as a final coating with specific features of low emissivity coefficient ε.

Scientific and technical goals are the development of a new product that can be simply and quickly installed in new-built constructions, having low demands in planarity and parallelism of the underlying constructive layers and that can be easily transported and stored on worksites, with convenience for the preparation and manufacturing of special plaster coatings (where applicable), cut and fixation. Furthermore, the LCA combined with the experimental measurements that has been conducted will eventually lead to the adaptation of the eco-label sign.

Present capabilities of fire resistance, durability to impregnation and low resistance to water vapor diffusion. The thermal reflective plaster coatings will assure the maximization of the useful impacts of thermal insulation.

The research program, co-funded by Greece and the European Union (ref. Project: 85043), was supervised by Process Equipment Design Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with IASA, FIBRAN and DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. as partners for implementation. The results are presented on the website www.dicom.com.gr.


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