Astir Odysseus, Luxurious hotel (5*) and spa, with capacity of 600 beds, in Tigkaki Beach, Kos

The scope of the project was the construction and landscaping of a luxurious five-star hotel of 600 beds, in the area of Tingaki beach in Kos. The hotel complex consists of a main building, 23 separate smaller buildings and bungalows of a total built area of 14020m2. The field occupies a total area of 70000m2 with an internal road network of around 10000m2.

The main central building houses reception and sitting areas, multi – use halls, retail shops, a spa, lounge areas, bar, internet café, rooms with planted terraces, 2 restaurants, kitchens, a pastry store, central storehouses, a catering yard to the east etc. In the surroundings the main road network connects the various buildings and facilities of the hotel complex. Extended low and high plant areas, parking areas, swimming pools and various water surfaces, two tennis courts and the tavern at the seaside are just a few of the hotel’s features.

Underground and along the outdoor walkways a mechanical ‘corridor’ links the electromechanical networks of all the buildings and is equipped with pressurized water supply networks, fire detecting and extinguishing networks, irrigation and wastewater collection systems in its biological treatment unit.

The total construction period of the whole project did not exceed 16 months.