Domotel Les Lazaristes. Renovation of a tobacco warehouse and rehabilitation to a 5-star hotel

In just a 10-month period, a former tobacco warehouse was rehabilitated to a luxury 5-star hotel with 147 beds. In particular, the overall project included the reinforcement of the existing building’s bearing structure, full construction of the new hotel, including all building and electromechanical installations, construction of a two-storey underground parking and landscaping of the roof garden and surroundings. In the outdoor space of the building, all the additional installations were constructed such as a pool-bar, an outdoor restaurant, swimming pool and other auxiliary spaces.

Significant interventions made over the existing building refer to the following: reinforcement of the load-bearing structure, using variable techniques (steel  and carbon mantles FRPs, shotcrete, cement and resin groutings), reinforcement of the foundation, construction of new staircases and construction of new additional vertical sheer walls.

The treatment of the facades retained the vertical rhythm of the old building, giving it a modern character. Steel sheds and canopies, balconies and horizontal louvres in deep-red color, give the building a particular dynamic, especially at night with the use of proper lighting. The coronation of the building with a sloping roof is covered with copper sheets.

The interventions aimed to the best possible use of the existing building in order to ensure the maximum number of rooms combined with comfortable and adequate public areas, opening certain areas of the hotel to the general public and enhancing the open space of the plot to an equivalent functional element of the hotel. The total built area of approximately 6,000 m2 includes 74 rooms (single, double and suites), rooms for disabled, multi-use halls, 1 hall with audio-visual installations, roof garden ballroom, bar-restaurant, pool bar, coffee bar, a la carte restaurant, business room, VIP lounge, modern spa and fitness center (ELXIS SPA).

The project was awarded in 2005 with the “EFPALINOS” award by the Greek Association of Architects SADAS-PEA, for the high quality construction and the optimum cooperation of Architect and Constructor.