Construction Management

Egnatia Odos, the greatest infrastructure project in Northern Greece over the past half-century, was constructed with the introduction to Greece of the international practice of Project Management-Construction Management. The Construction Management of Egnatia Odos-Central Section B, comprised of monitoring, supervision and control of the construction process for assuring the optimal and on-time completion of each part of the project with strict quality assurance controls. This practice was not limited only to the quality control of the construction, but extended to other major project aspects such as health and safety, environmental issues and the close monitoring and resolution of other issues that arose during the construction of a project of such magnitude.

The Construction Manager’s scheme combined the extensive experience of the American Company DELEEUW, CATHER OVERSEAS LIMITED (member of Parson’s Transportation Group) on Construction Management of many international transportation projects and the in-depth experience and background of the Greek companies, DOMOTECHNIKI S.A., GEOTECHNOLOGIKI S.A. and SAL-FO & ASSOCIATES LTD. Over 90 staff members of the Construction Manager-Central Section B supervised the various parts of the project on a daily basis, co-operated with the Contractors and coordinated all necessary actions for the project’s progress, with the Client (EGNATIA ODOS S.A.), via the Chief Construction Manager. Moreover, they educated and assisted the Contractors’ personnel on quality control and quality assurance issues and provided the Client with recommendations on design and constructability reviews, contractual obligations, value engineering, quality control, time scheduling, financial and legal issues, health and safety, environmental issues etc.


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