Kassandra road network – Section Potidea-Sani

The project was part of the road network of Kassandra Halkidiki, extending from the new bridge of Potidea to Sani intersection. The project concerned the widening of the existing 1500m long road network of Kassandra, extending from the new bridge of Potidea to the km.st. 1+500. The road is widened from 9.00m to 15.00m, in accordance with all standards of a modern motorway. It is a two-way road, with two lanes per direction, with draining ditches at both sides and appropriate drainage manholes all along the road. The necessary striping of the road surface, the appropriate road signage and protection through safety banners, as well as full a lighting network are also installed.

Moreover, from the km.st. 1+500 to the km.st. 8+000 (Sani intersection) the project included the reconstruction of the old road surface, while reclaiming and upgrading the old county road. Thus, a new, up–to-date motorway was created, including two separate sections of one-way roads, each being 6.5km long, maintaining the existing intersections of 8.50m with two lanes per direction. Both sections of the motorway are fully striped, signed, and with a modern lighting network along the road.