Construction/ Refurbishment of prison facilities at Skopje (Indrizovo), Stip and Prilep in FYRoM

The project concerned the construction and refurbishment of the building and electromechanical installations at three existing prison premises in Skopje, Stip and Prilep in FYRoM.  Works included demolition, concrete reinforcements, masonry, coverings and cladding, steel works, windows and doors replacement, plastering, painting, tinsmith etc. in areas of cells, dormitories, bakery, kitchen, laundry, boiler room, hospital and at the yards. The project also included the construction of totally new wings and new fencing of the prison premises. The electromechanical works concerned the removal of old networks and the construction of new sewerage-drainage networks, heating, ventilation, power supply, weak current networks and CCTV.

All works were carried out with the prisons in full operation, under very strong measures of security and guarding and within tight daily timetables.