Implementation of Energy Efficiency Retrofit Measures in 45 Schools across Kosovo, LOT1-RL & LOT2 (Design and construction)

This project concerned the execution of two contracts for the implementation of energy efficiency retrofit measures and modernization of facilities in 45 schools in operation in almost the entire territory of Kosovo, with 100% funding from the European Union. The works included extensive interventions on the building envelopes, with replacement of exterior doors and windows with modern energy efficient  plastic or aluminum ones and thermally insulated multilayer low-e glazing, application of strong external insulation, restoration of terraces and roofs, construction of new wind shielded entrances, complete re-modernization of heating installations, extensive renovation of interiors, installation of “smart” lighting (reduced electricity consumption) and of solar panels (hot water production), refurbishment of sanitary facilities and classrooms, interventions for easy movement and use by disabled students, as well as aesthetic improvement of the buildings’ facades.