Logistics complex of offices and storehouses

The project concerned the construction of a modern logistics center on behalf of Omega International Transportation S.A. in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki. The buildings are located on plot of a total surface of 22000m2, near the railway line of Aghialos station. The building complex consists of offices, transit and logistics area, which cover a total built area of 11300m2. The unit supports operations in relation with international products’ transportation, logistics and product management as well as 3PL (third party logistics), i.e. picking, packing, labeling, adding value services.

Before the construction of the building, earthworks took place, in order to improve and reinforce the subsoil, by using vertical drains and surcharge fill, and ensure the buildings’ foundation. The office building, total surface of 2200m2, consists of the basement, where the record office and the electromechanical rooms are located, the ground and first floor, where the company’s administration is located.

The load bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete, whereas departmentalization is achieved with gypsum-board internal partitions. The impressive element of the foyer is the panoramic elevator and staircase, both made of stainless steel and glass in the central building. The external cladding is made of very large ceramic tiles and special aluminum glass frames that result to the distinctive aesthetics of the office building.

The logistics and storage areas, with a total surface of 8800m2, have a steel bearing structure on a foundation of reinforced concrete and a total weight of 1300tn. The structure is made of steel frames, with a 23m-long span, and steel beams, with a 42m-long span. The roof and sidewall claddings are made of polyurethane panels. The floors are covered with high-quality fiber reinforced concrete. The logistics and storage areas are serviced by 40 electrohydraulic loading ramps.

Around the buildings an area of 14500m2 was covered with road surface made of rigid, fiber reinforced concrete. Regarding the transport of goods, operation of the premises is improved by the construction of a railway connection line to the local Hellenic Railway station of Sindos-Aghialos. The surroundings were landscaped in such a way to accommodate the parking needs of up to 17 train wagons.

The electromechanical installations of the unit included a medium voltage substation, a generator of 550kVA power, central air-conditioning system, access control, CCTV, fire detection and fire protection network (ESFR, FM approved). All the above systems, including lighting, are monitored by the BMS.