• Design and Construction of Central Office Building at Agiou Dimitriou Str. In Thessaloniki – PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION S.A.
  • Reconstruction of W.C. for pavilions 7,8,10,12,13,15 and 16 in the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki – T.I.F. – HELLEXPO S.A.
  • Formation of spaces at Police department of White Tower in the building of YMCA gate – T.I.F. – HELLEXPO S.A.
  • Construction of side door at Pavilion 2 – T.I.F. – HELLEXPO S.A
  • Fire detecting and extinguishing system for Pavilions 13,14,15 – T.I.F. – HELLEXPO S.A
  • Antiseismic reinforcement of Pavillion 8 – T.I.F. – HELLEXPO S.A
  • Construction of 12 shops in Aggelaki Str. – T.I.F. – HELLEXPO S.A.
  • Bishop’s Residence at Thessaloniki Cathedral – THESSALONIKI CATHEDRAL
  • Construction of new Premises of the Company ASKO S.A. in the Industrial Area of Sindos – ASKO S.A.
  • Office building of Hellenic sugar industry, Foundation and structure made of reinforced concrete – HELLENIC SUGAR INDUSTRY S.A.
  • Construction of new restaurant Mare & Monti and renovation of public spaces of Moni Lazariston – GREEK–ITALIAN FOOD COMPANY DOMONTI S.A.
  • 2nd Μ.Ο.T. Center in Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki Prefecture