“Tatiana” maternity clinic

“TATIANA” Μaternity Clinic, with an overall area of 2600m2 was fully renovated, new departments were constructed and all the necessary medical equipment was installed. The total number of beds rises up to 71. More specifically, 4 operating rooms were constructed along with 7 delivery rooms, 1 radiological-microbiological center, 1 ultrasound room, 1 center for assisted reproduction (I.V.F.), a reception with sitting area, lobby and bar for the visitors, laundry rooms, kitchen, dairy room, storerooms and changing rooms with lockers for the staff.

While performing the restoration and earthquake protection of the building’s bearing structure, various construction techniques were applied such as the use of metal mantels and injections of reinforced concrete, reinforcement of shear walls with shotcrete, supporting of beams and columns with carbon fiber materials and local restorations of concrete elements (like slabs and beams) with special grouting and epoxy composite injections.

The electromechanical equipment installed consisted of central air-conditioning system with independent VRV outdoor units, installation of medical gas system, absolute-air-filters in the operating rooms, central fire-extinguishing and fire-detecting system, centralized building management system (BMS), UPS and intercom systems, general lighting, safety lighting, outdoor signage and building lighting.

It is worth emphasizing on the fact that all rehabilitation and construction works were made with the clinic at a full operation mode, without disturbing surgeries, tests and hospitalization of patients or the staff.